City man settles at the end of the gravel road:
Hi, my name is Alex and this is my personal blog right from North of 66°N.
To be honest, when I started this I was not a total newbie to the realm of the Midnight Sun and the Aurora of the North – I had been a regular visitor for well over a decade.
In fact, the first step was done already: I had traded my comfortable life in a crowded Central European City for a village in the far North.

Soon after, the dust had hardly settled, came the decision to move on, closer to nature and away from the village. It was this decision which finally triggered this blog.

I do not know how often I will update. There might be weeks or even months of utter silence, followed by outbreaks of fast typing.
It could end up in the regular pattern of a diary, or slowly fade out. I simply do not know yet.

Enjoy reading!

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