Harvesting Apples

Mushrooms, Strawberries, Raspberries, wild Raspberries and much more is to be found and harvested on the grounds surrounding the house. There is even a potato field which we might reactivate in the future.

However, the definite star among all the plants and trees growing here is a tiny apple tree. Only a bit over two meters tall, but a small sensation. Keep in mind this tree stands more or less at the Arctic Circle, 140 kilometres inland from the Baltic sea. An area where the climate usually does not allow to grow apples.

It seems this place at the river during summer months has a special microclimate which gives plants a chance which usually would not survive up North. And this year, with the extremely hot summer we had, the tree is filled with small but very delicious apples.

Olle, the former owner of the place told me he did not know how old this tree actually is, but that it is really really old. Apparently people told him already 60 years ago that it was really old. So as it appears we have a real senior tree growing here – even though small and rugged in appearance. I really hope he will survive for a few more years.

Small but delicious!

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