Old Screws

Renovation continues.

Sometimes you make a plan … and then it gets totally wrecked by reality. This is what just happened to me: I had to fight old and stubborn screws which would vehemently refuse to come out of those wooden planks where they had been sitting for decades.

In the process of doing the new floor I had to remove the old door sills. Piece of cake! Not! In particular not when you want to keep the old wooden door sills but one out of 4 of the old screws is so bent that it would not move at all. It actually took me many unplanned hours to remove those screws from hell.

So in the end three out of four wooden sills were broken and I had not gotten half as far as I had planned for the day.

The nights are getting colder now. Winter is on its way!

Night shift
My future office got a new floor

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