Times gone by

Nothing much happens.

… no, this is only half-true. Actually a lot is happening. But all that is related to my professional life. A manuscript just got finished and a huge project will keep me overly busy for the entire summer.

Half a month to go before the keys will finally be handed over – but even then nothing much will happen down by the river. I have to be patient until the end of summer. Sometimes priorities cannot be negotiated.

The old photograph above this post shows the place probably between 80 to a 100 years ago. The fence is long gone, the trees have grown considerably and the old wooden bridge has been replaced by a dam of similar proportions. The house in the photograph burned down at some point. Today’s cabin is located roughly where the flagpole used to be. The cabin originally stood 60 miles to the South and was moved to its new location around 1960.

I am slowly learning about the history of the place.

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