Old Screws

Renovation continues. Sometimes you make a plan … and then it gets totally wrecked by reality. This is what just happened to me: I had to fight old and stubborn screws which would vehemently refuse to come out of those wooden planks where they had been sitting for decades. In the process of doing the …

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Sudden Death

Olle passed away yesterday while hunting moose, his favourite sports. Our thoughts are with his wife and his loved ones. Everytime Olle talked about this house his eyes where shining. Whenever I asked him about details of the construction or simply how particular things worked, he would give me a detailed answer, with all the …

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Today was the first day to explore the river close to the house a bit. No, this was no serious kayak expedition going for many miles, but just a short paddling trip down and upstream to get a first impression of the direct surroundings. Just because I do not live here yet does not mean …

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The Keys

Hooray! Today was the day! After another two weeks of waiting we finally got the keys to the house – alongside with ancient documents of ownership and historical land surveying charts. Exciting! The actual act of buying was rather unspectacular, the typical Scandinavian way: You meet at the bank, exchange some signatures and documents, you …

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The Decision

A month has passed since we first discovered this place, a month of thinking, of considering and weighting facts and risks, discussing with friends. During that time we have also met with the owners once, lovely people who moved here in the 60s. In the end all was remarkably simple. We know the timing is …

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